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Arena: Land of Chaos [Season15] [NoRR] [PvP] [Hard]

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Hello adventures,

finally, after the long time we're able to offer you the game that every mu-maniac need - balanced, dynamic but long-term content based on Season 15. Our goal is to give you opportunity too fill your guilds, parties, events and fulfill your imaginations about well hosted MUOnline world.
We know what players want because we're actually players - the veterans which remember the game from very beginning.
Every MU Online player don't want only new server to achieve the goal of being the top-player, every serious player love to compete no matter what, and progress the character to the perfection, that's why we will strongly push our experience into proper PvP and also balanced and long-term PvE - the complete game.

Please Login HERE or Register HERE to see this link!

Arena Server Informations:
Version: Season 15
Server type: Non-Reset (PvP & PvM friendly)
Limit of 10 Accounts per Hardware ID (IP unlimited)

Premium content info:

  • Note: Everything, like every element which will be added into CashShop will be also available to get by farming and completely free user. We will not make superior benefits for paid players. Paid Coins and subscriptions will be configured to boost casual players and as said before - free player will be able to farm/grind the CashShop coins!
  • Available values: Chaos Coins (WCoinsC) and Goblin Points
  • Chaos Coins added to custom invasions and events
  • Goblin Points added to vote-system
  • Goblin Points gained from monsters hunt
  • Goblin Points added per hour online - 1 GP
  • Available VIP subscription
  • Available Discord Giveaways
  • Available Forum Events

Max Lvl: 1200

  • 400 (Normal level)
  • 400 (Master level)
  • 400 (Majestic level)

Experience:Normal Experience:
1 - 400 = x30 + Additional bonus

Master Experience:
401 - 800 = x15 + Additional bonus

Majestic Experience:
801 - 1000 = x10 + Additional bonus
1001 - 1200 = x5 + Additional bonus

Item Drop rate: 30% 

Jewel Success Rates:

  • Bless Success Rate - 100%
  • Soul Success Rate - 35% (+25% with Luck)
  • Life Success Rate - 50%
  • Harmony Success Rate - 50%


  • 5 monsters (as regular spot)
  • 6/7 monsters (as HotSpots)
  • Potions stacks:
  • Vitality Pots stack: 15
  • Mana Pots stack: 30
  • Complex Pots stack: 10
  • MU Helper from LV. 1


  • Offattack (farming EXP when game is closed)
  • Offtrade (your character shop will stay when your game is closed)
  • Custom Invasions (more possibilities to gain Ruud or even Chaos Coins (WCC))
  • Custom Bosses and Raids (Raids, monsters with large amount of HP and brilliant rewards)
  • Systems:
  • Autoparty
  • Reconnect System
  • Marry System
  • Account Lock
  • Autoupdate


  • Multiplayer Hack Protection
  • AntiCheat system integrated on server side
  • Build-in AntiCheat

Other Settings:

  • Every class creation available from 1st. lvl.
  • Weekly Castle Siege and Arka War
  • NPC Shops: Custom but global-like
  • Max Character Zen: 2000000000
  • Max Warehouse Zen: 2000000000
  • Min Monster Level to gain Master Experience: 80
  • Min Monster Level to gain Majestic Experience: 160
  • Elf Soldier Buff Max Level: 220
  • Max Expanded Inventory: 2
  • Expanded Inventory Quest: Available

PvP/M seetings:

  • Critical Damage Rate Limit: 80%
  • Decrease Damage Rate Limit: 60%
  • Excellent Damage Rate Limit: 70%
  • Ignore Defense Rate Limit: 100%
  • Reflect Damage Rate Limit: 70%
  • Shield Defense Rate Limit: 1800%
  • Dark Wizard Max Attack Speed: 284
  • Dark Knight Max Attack Speed: 288
  • Elf Max Attack Speed: 275
  • Magic Gladiator Max Attack Speed: 351
  • Dark Lord Max Attack Speed: 450
  • Summoner Max Attack Speed: 188
  • Rage Fighter Max Attack Speed: 441
  • Grow Lancer Max Attack Speed: 273
  • Rune Wizard Max Attack Speed: 274

Please Login HERE or Register HERE to see this link!


Please Login HERE or Register HERE to see this link!


Please Login HERE or Register HERE to see this link!


Please Login HERE or Register HERE to see this link!


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